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The Carnival is a 230mm deeper version of the Mardi Gras. The Catalina Carnival Swimspa includes, as standard, the Catalina Pro Swim training system and is available in 3 different performance power options, the Classic, the Classic XP and the Aquadynamic, meaning you can choose the perfect specification just for you.

The Carnival is also available as an in ground model.

Standard Features

  • 3835 x 2280 x 1300mm

  • Seats 11

  • 28 Hydrotherapy Jets

  • LED Underwater Light

  • Pro-Swim System

  • Exercise Kit

  • Tiled Swim and Waterlane

  • 6 LED Crystal Fountains

  • 2 Piece Deluxe Cover

  • Chemical Starter Kit

  • Water Capacity - 5800 ltrs

  • Weight from 1280 kg

  • 3kw Heater

  • Ozone Sanitisation

  • 100sq ft Filtration

  • 100% Made in America

Classic XP  Version

  • 1 x 2.5hp 2 speed Pump

  • 2 x 3hp Boost Pumps

  • 2 x River Swim Jets

  • From 36 Amp Supply

Aquadynamic  Version

  • 1 x 2.5hp 2 speed Pump

  • 3 x 3hp Boost Pumps

  • 3 x River Swim Jets

  • From 48 Amp Supply

Classic  Version

  • 1 x 2.5hp 2 speed Pump

  • 1 x 3hp Boost Pumps

  • 2 x River Swim Jets

  • From 23 Amp Supply




Pro-Swim System

This incredible swimming and coaching aid has several unique features to aid all swimming abilities from the learner swimmer to the serious aquatic athlete.

The Pro-Swim Device is like a fishing pole, which is inserted into the stainless steel slot in the Catalina SwimSpa and is anchored at 45 degrees to the back of the swimmer, and connected to the swimmer by a strong velcro belt around the waist.  

Exercise Equipment

Multipurpose exercise system includes

  • Swimming Belt for resistance swimming

  • Jogging belt to keep the swimmer central and aid jogging against the flow of water

  • Curls enabling the bather to exercise the upper arm.

  • Rowing exercise -  The rowing attachment connects to the "rowing" seat and enables the bather to use a rowing technique, both push & pull