Heating Options

HeatSeeker heat pump


The HeatSeeker is an air source pump which extracts heat from the surrounding air and efficiently transfers this to heat the water of your pool. Heat from the air is absorbed at low temperature into a fluid. This fluid then passes through a compressor where its temperature is increased, and transfers its higher temperature heat to your pool water. Each pool will have different requirements due to the volume of water.

Electro Heater

The Electro is a direct heat transfer device which runs in line with your pipework. A coiled heating element works alongside an analogue control to heat your pool water. Like the HeatSeeker, each pool will have different heating requirements dependent on it's water volume and size. These are individually tailored to each pool.

Counter Current Units

Badu Perla 1.6kW jet

This is a counter current unit, with an LED light, that 'hangs' over the side of your wooden pool and creates a river of water to swim against.  If your pool is sitting above ground, a leg will need to be purchased to support the unit externally.  

  • Pump Capacity 40 m3/h

  • Flow Pressure of 0.9 bar 

  • Single Phase

  • Power output of 1.6kw 

  • Omnidirectional swivel nozzle 60° range 

  • 16a C rated fuse required

Badu Riva 2.2kW jet

This model operates in the same way as the Badu Perla, however has a more powerful jet of water for the more serious swimmer. 

  • Pump Capacity 54 m3 / h 

  • Flow Pressure of 0.9 bar 

  • Single Phase

  • Power output of 2.2kw 

  • Omnidirectional swivel nozzle 60° range

  • 20a C rated fuse required 

Filtration Enclosure
  • Securely house your pool filtration, heating etc

  • Full height of pool

  • Designed to be fitted to skimmer wall

  • Double front doors

  • Easily removable top for complete access

  • Top trap for easy skimmer maintenance

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